Frequently Asked Questions:


What is an UpSki?
A venting circular canopy used for wind powered ski ascent. UpSkis are used to ski uphill in windy mountain conditions. The venting design allows the user to rapidly deflate & re-inflate the UpSki on demand.

Is it difficult to learn?
Most advanced skier feel comfortable with the control of an UpSki within an hour of practice.

Is it safe?
There are inherent dangers associated with all of the following: snow sports, travel in avalanche terrain, and wind sports. UpSki incorporates all possible safety measures into our equipment to insure the safety of the user. UpSki has a long track record free of accidents.



Where can I use an UpSki?
On snow covered terrain where the wind is blowing uphill or cross slope. Terrain should be free of obstacles such as un-avoidable groups of trees or rocks.

What if the wind is blowing downslope?
Then we look for a different slope aspect or keep the UpSki in the pack.

Where have UpSkis been used?
Throughout the world, including USA, Europe, Scandinavia,  Japan, and South America. UpSkis have been used in ascents of 14,000 ft peaks in the USA and on an ascent of Aconcagua in the Andes, just to name a few. There are also unconfirmed reports of UpSki supporting expeditions in Antarctica.


Can I use an UpSki for skydiving, base jumping, paragliding, or other activities where the UpSki is used to protect a person from a fall?
NO, the UpSki is NOT designed for slowing a fall from a height. Period! The UpSki is designed to rapidly de-power in all wind conditions.

How can I see where I am going? Isn’t the UpSki going to block my view?
Yes & No. It may seem like a problem, but it is not. Beginner UpSkiers very quickly learn to see past the canopy. The UpSki can temporarily be flown side to side or up off the ground in order to inspect upcoming terrain. Also, an UpSkier can travel up to ~45 degrees off of the wind direction in situations where terrain obstacles exist.

What is the wind range?
UpSkis perform best between 10-40mph. Expert users fly in wind speeds exceeding 60mph with great care. In low wind conditions, power is highly dependent upon slope angle, snow conditions, and rider weight.


Demos & purchasing:

Can I try it out?
Contact us and let us know about your interest. Demos are provided throughout the ski season via customer requests.

How can I get one?
UpSki sells its products direct to end users. Send us an email to find out about current availability.