Kevin Passmore

Avid UpSkier, backcountry skier, and bike traveler, Kevin manages operations for UpSki. When not out in the snow, he can be found onsite managing production and design at UpSki’s shop in Carbondale, Colorado. In 2004 as a snowkiter Kevin got hooked the performance offered by the UpSki. A decade later he is more than just an enthusiast! He left an exciting career path behind to pursue his passion for wind mountaineering and his engineering expertise lends itself well to the design and manufacture of UpSki’s products.


Phil Huff

The original ideas man behind UpSki- Phil has strapped into every single prototype we’ve ever build. He has an acute understanding of what drives the performance of the UpSki. Having traveled the world UpSkiing, he now spends most of his time in Colorado. When not UpSkiing or teaching at the local community college, Phil can be found sailing on Lake Dillon with margarita in hand.

John Stanford

With a long career sport jumping (skydiving to the rest of us), John has owned and operated drop zones, rigging, and manufacturing facilities for over 35 years. He brings to UpSki manufacturing know-how and expertise.


Megan Passmore

A part of the UpSki family, Megan can often be found providing Upski instruction. She is also a talented seamstress who offers a helping hand in UpSki production.